Cardalonia Launches Seed Token Sale To Start Land Pre-Sale Whitelisting!

The Metaverse is a computer-generated, immersive, and interactive environment. There is a lot of excitement around metaverse, a whole lot of it pushed through the organizations claiming to be the Metaverse companies, focused to enhance the digital and the physical realities of humans.

Cardalonia Launches Seed Token Sale Set To Kick Off Land Pre-Sale Whitelisting!!!

As NFT utilities continue to grow, new and improved metaverses are launched on various blockchains every single month to help users create, connect, and interact with each other.

Cardalonia Launches Seed Token Sale To Start Land Pre-Sale Whitelisting

There are several Metaverse Crypto Projects that have come out in these past few years, namely Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), and many more.

Likewise, Cardano Metaverse Project, Cardalonia is on a mission to become the Sandbox of the Cardano Ecosystem, and it has finally launched its LONIA Token Seed Sale from April 20 on Cardalonia’s website for a duration of 6 Epochs!

This will allow loyal fans to buy Cardalonia tokens and also have the privilege of earning early access for the Cardalonia Land (Terrania) NFT Drop.

Just after the private pre-seed funding round, the company officially launched the ‘play to earn’ model into the Cardano blockchain.

What Is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia is a creator-centric metaverse that connects creators, developers, asset creators, and artists, through an interactive metaverse experience.

Cardalonia has been popular in recent weeks due to its unique project, excellent utilities, a dedicated team, and several other features.

In the Cardaronia gameplay, all players belong to a clan, and each clan receives resource bonuses such as diamonds, gold, silver, wood, and food.

Cardalonia will offer new utilities of the NFTs and also have a fully functional marketplace for players to trade as well as list Cardalonia-based collectibles.

The Cardalonia marketplace will allow users to acquire land, trade their Avatars, obtain power-ups or buy gems, currently, it is under development.

What Is LONIA Token?

$LONIA is the utility token, with a strict supply of 100,000,000 lonia-tokens (i.e. supply is fixed, can not be minted more) and it will be used within the Cardalonia Ecosystem.

These tokens are distributed in the following ratio:
14% – Cardalonia Development Team
6% – Marketing and partnership Strategies
20% – Will be distributed as Rewards
50% – Open to be sold to the public in three rounds altogether.
The seed sale price is 1 Ada Crypto = 14 Lonia Coins.

$LONIA token seed sale is live for all the early adopters. You can be a part of the seed sale, visit this link here. After the seed sale ends, there will be a pre-sale round ($LONIA Tokens will be more expensive) and after that a public sale & IEO.

In the coming weeks, Cardalonia will release their staking platform, the Cardalonia Map, and the Cardalonia Land, Terrania’s pre-Sale whitelisting.

A whitelisted pre-sale is the token sale conducted before the main sale that is open to the public, investing in a whitelisted pre-sale is cheaper plus it unlocks exclusive offers, bonuses, benefits, rewards, and services.

What Is Terrania?

Terrania is the Cardalonia Land, for the players who have either acquired or rented it can customize, design, and build any Cardalonia NFT assets they own.

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