Gender Discrimination Lawsuit, Google Agrees To Pay $118 Million

Equality is one of the most important dimensions of the modern working culture. It is only because of equality that every employee is motivated to the level best to give their best performance over the period.

One of the recent kinds of incidents that have come forward is this step by Google to promote this kind of equality among all the employees. 

Millions To Settle Pay Equity Suit

It is important to mention that Google has agreed to pay 118 million dollars to more than 15000 employees to settle the long-term lawsuit over gender discrimination and equitable pay.

Gender Discrimination Lawsuit, Google Agrees To Pay $118 Million

This settlement has been able to cover all the female employees placed throughout the organization at 236 job titles. All of this has been pending since 2013.

Event Of Lawsuit 

The employees working in this organization across different branches and positions have been in the position to recollect that the average pay in this organization was around 7600 million dollars. But this particular pay was not equal for the men and the woman. 

This discrimination was noticed by the three employees of Google, who decided to file a lawsuit in a court of law to get the equal status that the company had always included as a part of its objective and propaganda. It is important to mention that despite having a better experience and a better responsibility to discharge, the female employees were paid considerably less by the organization.

Acts To Be Taken Into Accord 

As per the statistics that were brought forward, it became important to mention that the female employees accused the management of Google of paying 17000 dollars less in a year compared to their male counterparts over performing the same duties at the same position. This was not only an infringement of the policies and objectives of the company but, at the same point in time, was an infringement of the Human Rights that the constitution of every country provides to the people at large. 

This is a violation of basic human rights, and this is something that has to be sorted out as soon as possible because if this kind of culture is promoted in multinational companies, then they would not be able to without the women because they are equally talented like that of the men.

The Decision Of The Lawsuit 

In such a situation, the lawsuit has been finally decided in favor of the employees who had the issue of the unequal pay scale. This is the best kind of factor that has to be taken into consideration. It is important to mention that Google has been attempting to change its policies. As a part of the same, it has decided to pay the damages in the lawsuit without any negotiation as a mark of apology for all the female employees who have been affected by this inequality. It is important to mention that this is the best kind of concern that must be considered.

Suppose policies like these are implemented within the organization. In that case, nothing can stop the organization from functioning properly, and this will be the best kind of achievement that would be reported.

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