Tesla Could Someday Bring Apple Technology To The Cabin Of Its Electric Cars!!

Tesla could someday bring Apple technology to the cabin of its electric cars. Twitter user ShibaDoge planned last week that Tesla uses AirPlay for lossless audio streaming. Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded, stating that he’d discuss the concept (and different improvements) with Tesla’s audio engineering team. 

Musk Said He’s Considering Apple’s AirPlay To Boost The Audio Quality

Musk said he’s considering Apple’s AirPlay to boost the audio quality for Tesla vehicles against the present Bluetooth. 

Tesla Could Someday Bring Apple Technology To The Cabin Of Its Electric Cars

Tesla has emphasized the standard of its system in newer electrical vehicle models just like the Model 3 and remake of the Model S. 

The drawback is that some audio quality is decided by Bluetooth once taking part in music from a phone within the vehicle. 

AirPlay may be a wireless communication protocol created by Apple that permits you to stream audio, video, and different information from one device to another via Wi-Fi. tho’ AirPlay could be a proprietary commonplace, it will be licensed by third parties; if you don’t need a HomePod, uncounted third-party speaker alternatives with constitutional AirPlay are out there, together with the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge and JBL Link transportable. 

AirPlay hasn’t found its way into vehicles nonetheless, however, I wouldn’t rule it out considering several trendy cars have constitutional Wi-Fi (all Tesla models are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities). I’d simply caution Tesla homeowners against obtaining excitement over this development. After all, Tesla mulishly determined against adding CarPlay or robot motorcar to any of its models despite years of dissatisfied eV homeowners requesting those apps.

“I love that we will request a Tesla feature and it would be extra. Like this: The speaker unit in Teslas is therefore sensible, however, we have a tendency to be restricted by the standard of Bluetooth. Could we’ve got AirPlay added? It adds flexibility for lossless streaming. The hardware necessary is already there,” the user asked. 

Musk shared his response publically on Twitter, suggesting his openness. 

“Will discuss this and different enhancements with Tesla audio engineering. The new Model S and X system is unimaginable,” Musk said. 

AirPlay uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, and Tesla vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Why Is It Important?

Tesla has shown reluctance to adopt Apple technology for its electric vehicles in the past. 

Owners of Tesla vehicles have asked to implement Apple CarPlay antecedently to no avail. Tesla has its own software system systems and has thus far been content with its capabilities. 

The comments from Musk show some disposition to usher in a key Apple feature to the vehicles if it will improve the user expertise. This may be an associate degree item for shareholders of each Apple and Tesla to investigate, as a result, it could lead to a potential partnership down the road. 

Tesla forswearing AirPlay wouldn’t be a complete loss. The sound systems in its vehicles are a range of the most effective on the market. 

In fact, I recently rode a Model three for the primary time, and so the refined nonetheless powerful sound from its speakers impressed this technical school nerd over the car’s styling or performance. 

That shouldn’t have returned as an excessive quantity of a surprise, considering Musk admitted that a great deal of Tesla audio engineers returns from luxury audio company Bang & Olufsen. 


Your best bet for an automotive with each AirPlay and automotivePlay may well be the much-rumored Apple Car, which could, or might not, arrive by 2025, or at any purpose thenceforth. 

Price Drop:  

Apple shares are down 1 chronicle to $148.11 on Tuesday. 

Tesla shares were also falling 1% at $751.97.

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