Ex-Partner Of Dechert Leaked To The Media And Lied In Court, According To The Judge!

On May 16, 2022, the High Court issued an unprecedented ruling that found ENRC’s senior solicitor, Neil Gerrard, guilty of “extraordinary” and “almost unthinkable” misconduct, as well as “bad faith opportunism” by three senior SFO officers. To “jump-start” more profitable work for Dechert, Mr. Gerrard released confidential information to the public and provided “scaremongering” counsel to ENRC. Mr. Gerrard.

According To The Judge, An Ex-Partner Dechert Leaked To The Media And Lied In Court!

Even though Richard Alderman, the former director of the SFO, and Mark Thompson, the former interim director, both knew that Mr. Gerrard couldn’t be functioning lawfully, they continued to have “conspiratorial whispers” with Mr. Gerrard behind ENRC’s back. When testifying, Mr. Gerrard “lied incessantly,” and two SFO agents were equally disposed to provide false testimony. High Court’s conclusions will have significant consequences for the SFO in light of the Attorney General’s independent assessment, which is being conducted through Sir David Calvert Smith.

Ex-Partner Of Dechert Leaked To The Media And Lied In Court, According To The Judge

Eurasian Oil And natural gas Corporation Limited (ENRCcivil ) ‘s claims against Dechert LLP, senior Dechert member Neil Gerrard. Also, the UK’s Senior Fraud Office (SFO) has been won by Hogan Lovells following the Court of Appeal’s 2018 decision on lawyer privilege (SFO).

Dechert And Mr. Gerrard Have Been Found Guilty In Several Ways!

The decision shows Mr. Gerrard, an ex-member of Dechert’s “Policy Committee,” as a dishonest, opportunistic man. When it comes to the ENRC case, it’s revealed that he was “volatile,” “unsavory,” and capable of using the word “fuckers,” as well as “rape mode,” to describe himself and his clients.

When it came to the most critical issues before the Court, Mr. Justice Waksman labeled Mr. Gerrard as “a highly unreliable” witness who was referred to as “clearly lying,” “plainly lying,” and as having “lied continually.

Mr. Justice Waksman concluded that Mr. Gerrard was responsible for three different leaks of ENRC’s secret and protected information to the media and even supplied documents to an SFO after Dechert’s retainer was terminated.

The SFO’s Credibility Is In Doubt!

The judge’s overwhelming agreement in favor of ENRC’s case stated that the SFO willfully facilitated Mr. Gerrard’s violations throughout covert and “conspiratorial” meetings. Dick Gould was one of three senior SFO employees (Richard Alderman being the other) who wilfully lied to cover up their crimes in these proceedings.

Senior SFO officers spoke with Mr. Gerrard as many as 15 different times even though what he stated “could not reasonably have been allowed by his clients.” An appeals court judge decided that the SFO was prompted by “bad faith opportunism” and “they were ready to receive the material which he really shouldn’t have given them because it might prove important intelligence.” As a result, the SFO hid this information from ENRC.

Mr. Gerrard requested that the SFO send him a letter dated June 18, 2012, and Mr. Thompson was happy to comply. This is an example showing the court’s decision in action.” The letter itself is deceptive,” according to the judge, and Mr. Thompson drafted it to “assist… Mr. Gerrard (although wrongly) impose pressure on his client,” he concluded.

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